How to Recognize Good Driver Performance | Fleet Driver Reward Ideas

Innovative technology and connected devices give fleet managers a proven pathway to improving driver performance and the overall efficiency of fleet operations. It also gives them more ways to recognize good driver performance and offer rewards for achieving milestones.

By using telematics, fleet managers can collect data in a wide variety of areas and use it to set up healthy competition among drivers. The first step is setting up a program to reward fleet drivers by setting performance goals that are both ambitious and realistic.

Setting Performance Goals

Detailed data collected through connected devices allows fleets to track all types of information. They include whether drivers meet delivery time expectations, fill out proper paperwork to meet regulations, practice safe driving habits (such as avoiding hard braking or sudden accelerations) and maximize fuel usage. Fleets also can track which drivers have been involved in the fewest accidents or gone the longest without a ticket or fine.

In some cases, software can even create a score based on some of these metrics. Drivers can compare their score against the average for all fleet drivers.

Fleet managers can set up reward programs for the drivers with the best scores. Or they can reward those that meet certain goals in different driving areas, such as on-time deliveries or safe driving habits. The idea is to make these goals requiring improvement by the drivers, but also realistic for them to attain.

Once the rules of the competition are established, the only thing left is to come up with ways to recognize good driver performance.

Ideas for Recognizing Good Driver Performance

Setting up a competition among drivers is a great way of supporting a culture of continuous improvement in your fleet. But part of the plan must include ways to reward drivers for doing well. Some of the following fleet driver reward ideas may work well for your business.

Driver Bonuses

Cash always trumps other prizes. If fleet managers decide to give out a driver bonus, it’s often best to tie it to excellent safety performance. This sends a message to everyone that safe driving is of the highest importance.

An Awards Lunch

An awards lunch is always a nice idea, as long as it takes place at a restaurant the drivers enjoy and where they can bring along co-workers. The lunch can include much of the fleet team if the plan is to take a moment to recognize the best drivers.

Let the Drivers Choose

Today, it’s easier than ever to create branded products as giveaways, including clothing, accessories, tech devices, hats, watches, etc. One approach is to give drivers the ability to choose what they want from a pre-set list that includes a wide variety of potential rewards.

Rewards for Spouses

Spouses offer drivers support and make a lot of sacrifices. One idea that can encourage many drivers is to offer upscale gifts for spouses, such as jewelry, high-end tech gadgets or getaway weekends at fancy resorts or spas.

Extra Time Off

Getting a bit of extra time to spend with family and friends is a great gift, especially for long-haul drivers who spend a great deal of time away from home. It’s a good incentive that also gives drivers a bit of extra time to tack onto a vacation.

Tickets to Special Events

Concerts. Amusement parks. Outdoor adventures. If any of these appeal to your drivers and are in your area, consider making event tickets a way to recognize good driver performance at your company. It also provides a financial benefit, giving drivers a chance to do something they might otherwise not do. These fleet driver reward ideas can help make an incentive program work better than ever. Drivers provide the most important work in the transportation industry. Finding a way to recognize their good performance goes a long way toward showing them their work is appreciated.

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