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One of the telematics industry’s widely known secrets involves the inconsistent customer service fleets receive from various vendors. Several large telematics providers have collected numerous negative reviews on Trustpilot, Capterra, and other digital platforms.

Geotab, on the other hand, has made strong customer service a guiding principle for itself and its network of resellers, which includes EnVue Telematics. In 2023, EnVue was named one of seven resellers to earn a Geotab Innovation Award for its high-touch customer support. The award was announced by Geotab’s chief customer officer.

Poor customer support can create serious frustration for any company’s fleet management team. So rather than suffering in silence, it may be time to make the switch to a telematics company that better supports your goals.

There are considerations when switching, especially if you’ve been ensnared in a three- or five-year leasing contract with your current provider. However, there’s always a pathway to a higher level.

Let’s take a closer look at seven points to consider when making the switch.

Outdated Product Suite: Telematics solutions have evolved beyond simple vehicle GPS tracking to encompass comprehensive, all-in-one solutions. Some companies still specialize in specific offerings, known as single-point solutions. Opting for a provider with an all-in-one offering streamlines operations and minimizes failure points, providing a comprehensive solution for fleet management needs.

Restrictive Service Contracts: The telematics industry has shifted its sales approach, moving away from upfront hardware purchases towards bundled hardware and software packages under multi-year contracts. Forward-thinking telematics partners can help companies exit unfriendly contracts by buying out the remaining term and amortizing it into a new contract or offering risk-free trial periods.

Subpar Customer Service: Some providers fail to offer adequate support, leaving customers to navigate installing GPS tracking hardware and video cameras on their own. Telematics companies like EnVue Telematics provide white-glove service by customizing systems to meet their needs and working closely to support each customer’s ongoing journey.

Non-User-Friendly Reporting Dashboard: Not all telematics dashboards are user-friendly, and companies lack the time to navigate complex dashboards.

Limited Use of A.I.: Video solutions are leveling up with artificial intelligence. However, not all providers invest at the same level. An advanced system can quickly and more precisely recognize unsafe driving behaviors and provide real-time alerts. Delays and false positives make a world of difference.

Rudimentary Technology Offering: Limited focus on advanced driver management is a critical issue in today’s business environment. While some providers offer comprehensive solutions with advanced capabilities, others rely too heavily on third-party hardware or lower-quality systems, leading to inefficiencies and frustrations for fleet management.

Too Many Data Silos: Effective telematics providers form partnerships with third-party software providers to help reduce data silos rather than clinging to legacy, proprietary systems. Oftentimes, businesses have too many logins, which makes it more challenging to analyze trends.

Fleet management technology providers always need to remember that they’re supporting customers with real-world business challenges, Ryan Steagall, vice president of information technology at logistics company Big G Express, Inc., told trade publication CCJ in 2022.

“Make sure whoever you’re dealing with knows you, knows the customer,” he said. “We had talked to several people before, and they got down to it, and they were still confused on what transportation management system we were running.”

It’s important to find a provider who acts as a strategic partner in your business rather than one who’s seeking a sales transaction. If your contract is ending and you’re looking for relief, contact EnVue Telematics for a custom plan and free demo.

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