How to Track Bad Drivers | Driver Monitoring Solutions for Small Business

The ability to track bad drivers is critical to success for fleets to ensure both driver safety and avoidance of costly accidents. Modern fleets now have telematics systems that offer many driver monitoring solutions, giving managers more options in how they track, identify and train drivers.

It’s a critical issue. Most drivers in the United States cover 12,000 to 15,000 miles per year in their car. Commercial fleet drivers travel twice that amount, greatly increasing their likelihood of getting involved in an accident. That’s why fleet managers look for dependable ways to both track bad drivers and solutions such as Mentor TSP that allows fleet managers to work with drivers to make improvements.

Bad driving creates potentially unsafe roads for both drivers and the public. It also impacts the company bottom line, as every accident costs companies an average of $91,000 according to a government report. Those costs have done nothing but increase in the years since that report, making the ability to track bad drivers more important than ever.

Driver Monitoring Solutions

Fleets can take a variety of approaches when they track bad drivers. One of the first is to ensure that a driver has a valid, up-to-date license. Different technology companies offer software that can quickly determine the status of a driver’s license, with one of the most popular available through eDriving.

The eDriving system can not only check a driver’s past record, but also continuously monitor a driver to ensure fleets know if anything happens with the driver’s license. This improves risk management and reduces liability. By helping companies weed out unlicensed drivers, it also can lead to less accidents and reduced insurance costs.

Mentoring Drivers

For drivers without license issues, one of the best approaches is to offer driver monitoring solutions that don’t punish them but give them a chance to improve their skills. Many companies benefit by taking this approach, using a system that tracks driver’s actions and identifies risky behavior in areas such as acceleration, braking, taking corners and speed.

One of the better known systems is Geotab’s TSP Mentor, which plugs into eDriving’s driver risk management platform.

The system, offered through EnVue Telematics, is designed to improve driving behaviors, reduce risk and injuries, and help drivers avoid collisions. Taken together, these benefits all reduce costs for fleets.

Fleets who use TSP Mentor and the eDriving driver risk management platform enjoy many benefits, including the following.

  • Mentor integrates with Geotab’s telematics system that provides real-time information about the condition of the vehicle, fuel consumption, maintenance records and more.
  • Through eDriving, fleet managers get a FICO Safe Driving Score for every driver that predicts their likelihood of getting into an accident
  • Mentor delivers micro training modules directly through its app to the driver, offering real-time suggestions for improving driving behavior
  • Mentor provides drivers a checklist for a daily inspection of their vehicles before and after their routes, helping them identify and report potential problem areas

The Mentor system also allows for gamification of safe driving, setting up situations where teams of drivers can compete to score the best for safety. This promotes a culture where safety is a priority every day. That’s the type of driver monitoring solution every fleet manager can get behind.

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