Construction Asset Management

Finding a reliable way to track construction site tools is key to success in the construction industry. However, it can be a difficult job to get on top of without the right construction asset management tools. 

The list of assets to track can get long, depending on the job. But the major physical assets typically include computer equipment, vehicles, tools, and manufacturing equipment, to name a few. All are vital to the continuing success of the business.

This is the reason that software that can track construction site tools offers a big advantage for construction companies.

Benefits of Construction Asset Management

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Sometimes called construction asset management, this area of the construction business has grown in importance as the number and expense of construction site tools and other equipment has increased. 

The sophisticated software used for asset management systems employ the same technology used by cutting-edge supply chain managers. Using remote sensors and the Internet of Things (IoT), companies can track assets from a central location and know their position in real-time. 

Using software to track construction site tools can help any construction business run more efficiently. It’s a system that can be used with every type of construction site tool. 

How Tracking Construction Site Tools Works

There are many advantages to putting construction asset management tools to work on a construction site. Some of the advantages include the following:

  • An accurate stock level count
  • Managing equipment repair schedules to prevent malfunctions
  • Managing tool use in ways that reduce safety problems

Another big issue for companies is construction site theft. Systems that can track construction site tools cut down on this problem. Tools that are in the system are visibly marked, which in itself could deter thieves. It works best when asset tracking is coupled with a system that requires employees to check tools in and out, which can deter any attempts at theft from inside the company.

Software Systems For Asset Management

Technology has caught up to the issue of asset management. Businesses now have a wide range of choices for what they want to use to track their assets. 

One of the latest is the CalAmp system that provides real-time tracking for every piece of equipment. It monitors equipment to determine when they need maintenance. The system also can integrate with third-party systems.

CalAmp also features LoJack Stolen Asset Recovery, which offers another level of protection for your tools. The self-powered radio frequency transceiver is in an unmarked unit in a discrete location that can fool even the most experienced thieves.

Other asset tracking systems include Go Rugged, which is specifically designed to handle conditions of extreme heat or cold, as well as the dust and dirt typical of all construction sites. Geoforce is designed specifically to track assets in field situations, while Flex is a solar-powered tracking system that is built to take the “real world abuse most large assets experience.” With this many quality choices, there’s no reason not to find a system that works best to track construction site tools for your business. The advantages make the effort more than worth it.

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