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Nothing ranks higher in importance and complexity in fleet management than last mile delivery. The final segment of a product’s journey from warehouse and into the hands of the customer or client is one of the most critical phases of commercial transport.

In addition to looking for last mile logistics solutions, transport companies also want options to increase the number of deliveries per shift. EnVue Telematics offers innovative delivery management software and services that can help fleet managers attain those goals.

The Last Mile Really Is The Hardest

The old saying while traveling is that “the last mile is the hardest.” That’s something every fleet manager understands. Every company wants to make improvements in this area. Even retail giant Wal-Mart has tried to improve last mile delivery, including a since-abandoned plan to have in-store employees deliver products on the way home.

For fleets, the last mile represents the last contact between the transport company and the customer. As such, any issues with getting the product into the customer’s hands – damaged goods, for example, or late deliveries – is what will get remembered.

It’s like the last scene in a movie. A bad ending destroys the memory of anything good that came before.

Solutions to Last Mile Delivery

Each delivery has its own set of challenges. In the city, traffic can cause delays, as can access issues for larger vehicles. In rural areas, delivery locations can get spread out, making it difficult to achieve on-time delivery to multiple locations in one day.

Innovative delivery management software can help with those issues. EnVue supports and promotes companies such as Elite EXTRA that offer cloud-based dispatch software that helps fleet managers optimize routes and reduce driver costs. It also allows for more deliveries each day. Platforms from Geotab work with these tools to optimize route planning and offer real-time visibility to better manage dispatch operations.

Features That Support Better Last Mile Delivery

Some of the features from products offered by EnVue Telematics that can help with last mile delivery include the following.

  • Driving tracking. Dashboard cameras can provide real-time views into truck cabs, while advanced software can track driver performance in a number of areas that impact last mile delivery.
  • Asset tracking and management. Connected devices can get attached to equipment and offer real-time location tracking, making it easier to put the right equipment in the right place at the right time.
  • Routing and dispatching. Telematics systems ensure that managers choose the best route possible for their fleet drivers while also making routing and dispatching more convenient and efficient.
  • Customized fleet management reports. Managers can get reports from delivery management software sent directly to their inbox that assess performance on whatever metric they choose.

Delivery management software offers features that can make a fleet more productive during all phases of an operation, including last mile delivery. It also keeps companies competitive in an industry where every business is looking for an edge.

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