Keep your rental business on track

We’ll help you effectively manage your pickups, vans, box trucks, and other vehicles during short-term rental and seasonal leasing cycles, as assets move between home base, contract, and service.

Detailed Locational Visibility

Know the real-time location of your rented vehicles, as well as all trailers, heavy equipment, generators, and other powered and non-powered equipment.

  • Live map view, including route history
  • Customized email and text alerts
  • Advanced routing and scheduling tools
  • Geofencing alerts for any job site or landmark
  • Track arrivals, departures, pickups, and deliveries

Optimized Maintenance Scheduling

Improve compliance with preventive maintenance schedules, quickly identify needed repairs, and automate scheduling to minimize downtime.

  • Triage reporting of engine fault codes
  • Capture service history
  • Track costs for parts and service
  • Tasks, status, date, and other filters

Better Protect Your Business

Improve vehicle and asset security by tracking after-hours use, monitoring tampering, and expediting vehicle recovery.

  • Motion-sensor detection
  • Detect improper moonlighting
  • Fight misuse and fraud

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