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LifeSaver Mobile helps companies prevent employee phone use while driving by automatically detecting drives and blocking cell phones, with no beacons or dongles. It helps companies keep employees safe and improves overall fleet safety.

LifeSaver Mobile 100 Software Solution

A Simpler Approach to Fleet Safety

No Need For Beacons, Dongles

LifeSaver’s 100% software-only solution consists of a mobile application that’s deployed to every employee phone, with each app paired to a cloud-based fleet portal which managers can use to administer the LifeSaver program. There’s no need to purchase, install and maintain any hardware.

Fleet Managers Have Control

Managers use a browser-based fleet portal for all work associated with the app. That includes deploying the app, configuring app behavior and managing compliance reporting for fleet drivers.

Integrates with MyGeotab Dashboard

Companies who use MyGeotab Dashboard can simply add the LifeSaver Mobile Add-in to their dashboard. By doing so, all LifeSaver fleet portal functionality is available inside the MyGeotab Dashboard.

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Advantages of Using LifeSaver Mobile

  • 100% software solution; no beacons or dongles to install in every vehicle
  • Over-the-air deployment; full deployment typically happens in less than 2 weeks
  • Proactive safety approach; it stops the problem before it starts, so there’s less coaching required
  • Lower cost of ownership; no expensive hardware to purchase
  • Works with any Mobile Device Management provider
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Easy On-Ramp to Improving Fleet Safety

  • Driver roster uploaded into your Fleet Portal account
  • Portal triggers simple over-the-air deployment
  • Each driver app is paired to your Fleet Portal account upon initial app login
  • App usage and compliance is sent to managers through daily exception reporting
  • Managers can login to the Fleet Portal to see real-time data on problem drivers