Proactive fleet maintenance

Keep your vehicles on the road with a systematic approach to preventive maintenance intervals, service reminders, and repair scheduling.

Engine Faults Screen
Triage Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs).
Maintenance Center Screen
Prioritize units for service and detect costly vehicles.
Maintenance Reminders Screen
Ensure compliance with routing maintenance schedules.

Preventive Maintenance

  • Scheduling and reminders – Stay on top of routine tasks.
  • Vehicle inspections – Maintain compliance and ensure defects are captured early.
  • Recall notification – Learn about safety recalls right away.

Integrated Workflows

  • GPS and fuel – Sync odometer readings and manage DTCs.
  • Shop integration – Easily manage orders, approvals, and billing.
  • Contact management – Track anyone who touches your vehicle, including drivers, mechanics, and vendors.

Service and Repair

  • Vehicle history – Detailed records of repairs for every vehicle.
  • Work orders – Plan, schedule, and track maintenance work.
  • Task prioritization – Identify vehicles with the most urgent needs.

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