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Advanced video-based fleet safety

Driver.i® Vision-Based Fleet Safety Camera For Light-Duty And Heavy-Duty Vehicles

Netradyne’s Driver.i® is the most advanced vision-based driver recognition and fleet safety solution available. It’s designed to reward positive driving behavior and coach drivers in areas where they need improvement. Driver.i helps fleets to improve retention, increase profitability, enhance safety, and enable end-to-end transparency.

Two Versions for Driver.i® System

The Driver.i® comes in two form factors — D-210 and D-410. The D-210, designed for small-to medium-sized commercial vehicles, features a dual facing camera with inward-facing and outward-facing cameras. The D-410 includes four high definition cameras providing a 270-degree picture: road-facing, driver-facing, and two side window views. Both systems record and analyze thousands of data points.

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Creating Safer Roads and Better Drivers

The Netradyne Driver.i® system consists of an in-cab camera, managerial portal and driver app.

Manager Portal

Fleet managers are equipped with a system that always offers a complete safety picture for their fleet with alerts, reports and video on demand. The system also encourages healthy competition among drivers, resulting in better risk management and a safer fleet.

Driver App

The Driver.i® mobile app calculates a driver’s GreenZone score, comparing it to the fleet average and notifying drivers when they reach milestones. Drivers receive automatic recognition for good driving and alerts for risky driving behavior. Drivers also self-coach by reviewing key events and suggestions on how to improve performance and increase their score.

Features of the Netradyne Driver.i® System

Netradyne’s Driver.i® offers features that separate it from the competition and make for better fleet performance.

  • Driver.i® collects and analyzes more data points and meaningful information in real time than any other fleet safety device.
  • Fleet managers can gain immediate access to every vehicle and video through a “single-pane-of-glass” portal for instant event resolution.
  • Unlike legacy platforms that rely on G-force triggers to record video, Driver.i® uses patented, advanced AI object detection and edge computing to deliver insights and results drivers and fleets need.
  • AI detects causality. So, for example, drivers don’t get reprimanded for a hard brake if another car cuts them off.
  • Superior camera resolution and 270° view, which captures license plates, sideswipes and detail that others can’t capture.
  • Driver.i® captures and analyzes 100% of drive time, so managers know exactly what happened on the road.
  • The system compiles data into easy reports and a driver score to save managers time.
  • GreenZone is the industry’s first driver score built on positive driving vs. solely focusing on negative events. It’s quickly becoming the industry standard in driver performance.