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Easily manage vehicle inspections and defect reporting

Keep your drivers from pencil-whipping inspections with ORIGOInspect, a mobile-app-based solution that ensures a thorough inspection for vehicles and assets.


ORIGOInspect is a three-part solution consisting of an app on the driver's tablet, an add-in to the Geotab Drive app, and an add-in to MyGeotab.

It's a tool for drivers to use when performing pre-trip, in-trip, and post-trip inspections. The app activates a timer, step counter, and GPS on the driver's tablet to measure and map their circumnavigation of the vehicle.


  • GPS recording - Shows your driver's trip around their truck or trailer.
  • Step counter - Shows the number of steps taken for inspections.
  • Timer - If outside the threshold, an alert will be sent to the admin.
  • Fully integrated into the Geotab Drive app and MyGeotab


  • Gain greater visibility into your vehicle inspections.
  • Prevent incomplete asset inspections.
  • Enforce compliance with maintenance checklists.
  • Decrease vehicle downtime.

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