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EnVue Telematics’ advanced telematics solutions are underpinned by Geotab’s leading GO devices, MyGeotab platform, and Geotab Drive electronic logging device.

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GO Plug-and-Play Device

  • Always Connected – High-speed Wi-Fi Connectivity: Geotab's devices are designed to ensure vehicles are always connected, utilizing cellular networks to transmit data to the cloud. This connectivity allows for real-time tracking of vehicles, diagnostics, and the ability to stream data necessary for comprehensive fleet management. While Wi-Fi is not the primary method of communication, the emphasis on high-speed connectivity aligns with Geotab's use of advanced cellular technology to ensure constant communication with the fleet.

  • Always Locationally Aware – Precise GPS Supports an Array of Vehicle Types: Geotab's GO devices use GPS technology to provide precise location tracking of vehicles. This capability is fundamental to fleet management, enabling businesses to monitor vehicle movements, optimize routes, and ensure compliance with regulatory requirements. The support for "an array of vehicle types" reflects Geotab's broad compatibility, with devices that can be installed in various vehicles, including cars, trucks, and specialized equipment, making it a versatile solution for diverse fleet needs.

  • Always Up to Date – Over-the-Air Software Updates: Geotab's platform supports over-the-air (OTA) software updates, ensuring that all connected devices remain up to date with the latest features and security patches. This capability is crucial for maintaining the integrity and efficiency of fleet management systems, allowing for continuous improvement and adaptation to new challenges without requiring physical access to the devices.

MyGeotab Platform

  • Agnostic, A.I.-driven platform delivers real-time business intelligence.
  • Capture, normalize, and analyze all your vehicle and asset data.
  • Plug into a robust ecosystem to solve your challenges.

GO Rugged Asset Tracker

  • Monitor All Your Heavy and Other Construction Equipment:

    • The Geotab GO RUGGED is an advanced asset tracker that offers comprehensive monitoring capabilities tailored for the harsh environments and rigorous demands of construction sites. It enables real-time tracking of heavy machinery and equipment, providing data on location, operation, and health. This ensures that fleet managers have up-to-date information on their assets, allowing for efficient deployment and utilization, proactive maintenance, and swift recovery in case of theft.
  • Increase Worksite Productivity and Security:

    • By leveraging the data collected by the GO RUGGED, construction managers can make informed decisions that streamline operations and enhance productivity. For example, identifying equipment that is underutilized can lead to better resource allocation. Additionally, the device enhances security through features like geofencing, which alerts managers if equipment leaves a designated area, and tamper detection, ensuring that any unauthorized access or use is quickly noticed and addressed.
  • Increase Uptime in All Environments, Including Inclement Weather:

    • The GO RUGGED is designed to withstand the toughest conditions, including extreme temperatures, dust, and water exposure, making it particularly suitable for construction sites. Its rugged construction ensures that the device operates reliably, providing continuous monitoring and data collection even in adverse weather conditions. This reliability translates into increased uptime for equipment, as the device helps in predicting and preventing potential failures through maintenance alerts, thus minimizing downtime and ensuring that projects progress smoothly.

Geotab Drive

  • Comply with Driver Hours of Service (HOS) Regulations:

    • Geotab Drive offers an electronic logging device (ELD) solution that automates the recording of driver's hours of service, ensuring compliance with local and international HOS regulations. By accurately tracking driving time, rest periods, and restarts, Geotab Drive helps prevent violations and fines, while also promoting driver safety through fatigue management. The system's real-time monitoring capabilities allow fleet managers to oversee driver status and ensure that HOS regulations are followed, making compliance straightforward and verifiable.
  • Streamline Driver Vehicle Inspection Reporting (DVIR):

    • The platform simplifies the DVIR process by allowing drivers to complete their vehicle inspection reports electronically, directly from their devices. This digital approach not only saves time but also increases the accuracy of reports by ensuring all required checks are completed and documented. Immediate reporting from the driver to the maintenance team enables quick identification and resolution of issues, reducing vehicle downtime and maintaining safety standards.
  • Stay in Contact with Two-Way Messaging for Dispatching, Routes, and Status Checks:

    • Geotab Drive facilitates efficient communication between drivers and dispatchers through its two-way messaging feature. This enables the seamless exchange of information regarding dispatching, route adjustments, and status updates, enhancing operational efficiency. By providing a direct line of communication, Geotab Drive ensures that drivers can receive real-time assistance and guidance, improving response times and service quality.
  • Track State Fuel Taxes Under the International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA):

    • The platform automates the tracking of fuel usage and distance traveled in each jurisdiction for IFTA reporting purposes. By accurately capturing this data, Geotab Drive simplifies the process of calculating state fuel taxes, reducing the administrative burden and minimizing the risk of errors in tax filings. This feature not only saves time but also helps fleets manage their fuel tax liabilities more effectively.

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