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Reliable, accurate, and consistent fuel tax reports

There’s no room for error when it comes to fuel tax reporting. Advanced software created by ProMiles Software Development Corporation removes any concerns about inaccurate reporting or time-consuming paperwork. The Automated Fuel Tax Reporting software from ProMiles gives fleets a reliable, accurate and consistent way to file fuel tax reports. It’s one of the reasons the commercial trucking industry regards ProMiles as the regulatory compliance technology leader.

ProMiles Automated Fuel Tax Reporting


The ProMiles AFTR reporting system uses ELD data and GPS data from equipment already installed on commercial vehicles to automate the calculation of International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA) costs, mile taxes and International Registration Plan (IRP) percentages.

  • The ProMiles AFTR software builds accurate trip routes by merging data from ELD, GPS and fuel purchases
  • The industry leading ProMiles Route Engine uses the merged data to produce accurate, compliant trip records
  • ProMiles also automatically flags anything it finds that looks like a potential problem
  • ProMiles then places each trip into a web-based platform for review by clients
  • Once satisfied with the information, fleet managers can print out IFTA, mile taxes and IRP reports, ready to sign and submit

ProMiles AFTR Features

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Makes automatic, consistent, and accurate tax calculations for ITFA, mile taxes and IRP

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Saves time

Eliminates the need for time-consuming entry of data for fuel tax reporting

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Saves money

Reduces the costs incurred by reporting errors

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Filing reports takes only minutes


Simple integration

The system integrates with fuel card systems to easily track fuel purchases

Simplifies compliance

Simplifies compliance

Accurate trip records are compliant with state and federal regulations

Why Choose ProMiles

ProMiles offers services beyond what other software companies do for fleets.

ProMiles’ AFTR offers integration with Geotab products and most fuel card providers
Data accuracy is ensured by ProMiles’ validation and correction services
ProMiles archives customer data for seven years or more
ProMiles’ customers are trained and supported by experts dedicated to customer success
ProMiles offers audit support before, during and after an engagement, providing professional guidance during all phases of an audit.

A unique team of professional programmers, tax auditors, ICC practitioners and truck drivers created ProMiles. This expert team focuses on offering products that reduce the complications of fuel tax reporting while also increasing efficiency and accuracy. The result is a ProMiles AFTR system that keeps pace with ever-changing regulations and provides fleets and independent truckers a much-needed line of innovative software products.