Proven Ways to Reduce Fuel Costs
Fuel Economy

You can reduce fuel consumption while improving driver behaviors that decrease your risk exposure.

Fuel costs are on the rise as supply & demand factors combine to increase prices for gasoline and diesel. The general consensus is these prices will continue to rise in the coming months.

EnVue Telematics has over 20 years of experience helping our clients use the power of technologies to reduce fuel consumption while improving driver behaviors that decrease your risk exposure.

Here’s how to unlock greater vehicle performance.

Derive Fuel Savings

Derive’s technology unlocks greater vehicle performance by providing customized calibrations to optimize vehicle performance. The calibration settings are easily uploaded to the vehicle’s engine control module (ECM) using a handheld programmer that requires no special skills to operate. The customized ECM settings unlock greater vehicle horsepower and torque while improving fuel economy. Optional speed control settings can also provide additional fuel economy gains while reducing risk exposure associated with aggressive driving behavior.

Derive has customized calibrations for hundreds of light duty vehicles from Ford, GM, and FCA. We would be happy to provide a free, no obligation evaluation of the suitability of this powerful technology for the vehicles in your fleet operation that would include a projection of the potential ROI.

How you can get fuel economy improvements and reduced maintenance expenses.

Proven Ways to Reduce Fuel Costs

Vnomics is a leader in providing advanced fuel analytics for fleets operating medium & heavy duty work trucks. Their patented True Fuel® application improves driver fuel efficiency using automated processes to provide real time coaching to improve driver performance that results in significant fuel economy improvements and reduced maintenance expenses. True Fuel® is proven to reduce fuel spend by 3% to as much as 10%.

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The environmental benefits of using True Fuel® are undeniably powerful with measurable reductions in your fleet’s carbon footprint through reduced CO2 emissions and improved engine system efficiencies. The True Fuel® app can also be installed on your existing telematics system, so there’s no need to purchase any new hardware.

Vnomics Fuel Savings Solutions

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