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Decades of experience supporting safe driving

SafetyFirst provides fleets and the insurance industry risk management services and products that promote improved driver performance. Every SafetyFirst service and product focuses on one goal: reducing the number of vehicle-related accidents. This commitment to improving fleet performance has made SafetyFirst a leader in their specialized field. The company operates under a simple but powerful motto: Because Results Matter.

SafetyFirst Offers Decades of Experience in Supporting Safe Driving

SafetyFirst provides industry-leading services in driver monitoring, driver risk, safe driving, DOT compliance, maintaining Motor Vehicle Records and MVR monitoring, among others. Three of the company’s most popular services include the following.

SafetyFirst MVR Monitoring

MVR Monitoring constantly monitors a driver’s license for any changes, and immediately notifies fleet managers if a change occurs with an undated MVR. This includes issues such as moving violations, speeding, a DUI charge, and suspension, revocation or expiration of a license.

SafetyFirst E-DriverFile

Provides fleet managers a single platform to manage drivers in multiple locations. The system also can pull MVRs, send consent forms to drivers (to pull MVRs), provide risk scoring and information on DOT compliance, as well as notify fleet managers when a driver’s license is set to expire.

SafetyFirst Hotline

By using the SafetyFirst Hotline, companies get feedback on their drivers’ performance from motorists who share the road with them. SafetyFirst emails companies the details of every call after receiving them, along with information and advice on how to coach the driver to improve performance.

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Why Choose SafetyFirst?

SafetyFirst offers 20-plus years of experience and has provided services to thousands of fleets. Every product and service they offer is designed with input from leaders in the safety, insurance and technology fields.

The experts at SafetyFirst also understand the commercial vehicle business. They know that every fleet has specific, individual needs. They are prepared to help every company overcome whatever challenges they face, including modify services the company offers rather than trying to force customers into an existing program. The SafetyFirst team also is highly trained in customer service skills such as listening, empathy and compassion.

This combination of experience and customer service has made SafetyFirst an industry leader in providing services that reduce risk to drivers and make roads safer for everyone.