Foster a safety culture among your drivers

A full-fledged safety program helps you reduce collisions and near misses, which improves morale, lowers repair costs, and controls insurance spend.

Technology That’s Focused on You

EnVue Telematics works closely with its clients on risk management initiatives, so you can accomplish your mission in a safer way.

Dash Cams

  • A.I.-powered detection reduces risky driving
  • Monitor front and rear views to reduce tailgating, near collisions, and cellphone use
  • Multicam systems give you 360-degree visibility

Driver Coaching

  • Full coaching workflow helps drivers stay in-policy
  • In-cab alerts provide real-time feedback
  • Mobile apps enhance two-way communication

Custom Reporting

Follow Driver Safety Trends

Safety dashboard provides an overview of risky drivers and safety scores.

Customized Reports

Run reports on key fleet metrics such as speeding, harsh braking, seat belt use, and more.

Driver Scorecards

Improve driving with scoring and benchmarking.

Let’s get started. Contact one of our expert fleet advisors for a free demo and customized solution.