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Data-driven analytics that improve driver and fleet performance

SpeedGauge offers data-driven analytics that focus on improving driver behavior and supporting better fleet performance. The experienced team at SpeedGauge has created technology solutions that save costs, motivate drivers, empower managers and provide accountability for executives. SpeedGauge is a worldwide leader in providing data-driven analytics that drive the best-performing fleets.

Data-Driven Analytics That Improve Driver and Fleet Performance

SpeedGauge offers products and services that lead to better outcomes for fleets by using innovative technology that focuses on changing driver behavior through analytics and manager coaching.

Those products include Gauge My Fleet, a software system that collects, analyzes and interprets commercial fleet performance data. The system uses data from telematics devices, ELDs, dash cams, mobile apps and more. It then layers in trip-specific data from 80 different ratings variables, including:

  • Time of day
  • Vehicle characteristics
  • Safety equipment
  • Load types
  • Road conditions
  • Route history
  • Traffic dynamics

Gauge My Fleet uses this data to create Driver Safety Scores for individual drivers, including the fleet FAIR Score®.

SpeedGauge Safety Center

SpeedGauge Safety Center is the gold standard for driving behavior analytics. This software solution for fleets focuses on improving driver behaviors that impact over-the-road performance, fuel economy and other factors. The Safety Center software supports better decision-making, including vehicle and route selection and choosing the types of driver training.

What Is a Fleet FAIR Score®?

A FAIR Score® allows you to quickly evaluate current risk exposure based on real-time analysis. Easy to understand, the FAIR Score® offers a quick way to determine where a fleet stands on a driver risk index when compared to similar fleets. Rather than focus on one driver, FAIR Score® evaluates an entire fleet and gives regular updates that help managers improve safety and risk management.

SpeedGauge Driver Center

SpeedGauge Driver Center provides up-to-the minute data on driver performance, providing both information on driver behavior and motivation to make improvements. Through the Driver Center, managers get a convenient way to quickly see an overview of driver performance and critical speed limit data compliance. The system centers on three core values: transparency, communication and building a better team.

Advantages of Using SpeedGauge Data-Driven Analytics

  • A better way to coach, train and incentivize drivers
  • Improved driver safety, fewer speeding incidents
  • Increase revenue and improve efficiency
  • Reduced collisions, injuries and losses
  • Lower operational, insurance and legal costs
  • Reduced mechanical wear and tear
  • Protection for your brand and reputation
  • Improved CSA safety score
  • Meeting customer contractor compliance requirements

Thousands of fleets in the United States and Canada use SpeedGauge analytics. The company designs its products to provide insights from data that inform, not overwhelm. Clients receive data in a way that makes those insights actionable. The goal is not to point a finger at drivers, but rather to offer a hand in supporting improvements in the performance of drivers and fleet operations.

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