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The next step in fleet safety

AI Powered Video Telematics offers fleets of all sizes a powerful platform to save lives and reduce safety related costs. The AI-12 Cloud Connected Dashcam captures road and cabin simultaneously to detect distracted drivers and dangerous driving events. Instant access to Live Video, Video Events and Recordings to quickly view and investigate driving incidents.

What Does Surfsight By Lytx Offer?

Surfsight AI-12 Dashcam

Surfsight AI-12 offer fleets the best in class live video telematics available in the market, at an entry level price point – without sacrificing quality for price. Designed for commercial vehicles, Surfsight is rugged tested and future proof – allowing fleets to grow without swapping hardware for additional features and/or additional cameras. In addition to its cutting edge technology, Surfsight offers an easy installation (10-minute) with multiple options to connect to power and built-in WiFi hotspot to easily connect different devices and cameras.

Cloud Management Dashboard

Instantly view live video, review near misses, collisions, harsh driving events, distracted driver, cargo situation, driver and passengers’ assaults – leaving no room for speculations. View crisp HD live video of the road and driver simultaneously. Get instant access to full HD video footage uploaded automatically to the cloud and stored for 30 days.​ Play and retrieve video footage captured on SD card directly from the dashboard. Securely share video footage inside and outside the network by generating a simple URL link. Enable easier collaboration and sharing.

Why Choose Surfsight AI Dash Cam Solutions?

  • Entry Level Price Point

    Without sacrificing quality for price. Allowing any fleet size to transform to video connected fleet

  • Best in Class Live Video

    Over 2 decades’ experience in developing real time video technology

  • Simplified Installation

    Surfsight AI 12 is designed to allow a simple quick 10 mins in cab installation

  • Distracted Driving Detection

    Capture the road and cabin simultaneously, with improved facial recognition technology that works during the day or night, to detect and alert distracted and dangerous driving events

  • Support

    Dedicated personal support and training by our experienced team guarantee that we’ll always have your back

  • Future Proof

    Grows with your fleet needs, no need to swap hardware to make software upgrades or get additional features

  • Scales Up

    Add up to 4 Auxiliary Cameras (6 total) wired or connected via WiFi via the built-in hotspot

  • Built-In 4G WiFi Hotspot

    Easily connect all your devices

Get The “Full Picture”

Packed with the latest advancements in technology, Surfsight AI-12 offers fleets of all sizes a powerful device to enhance driver and fleet safety and reduce safety related costs. Get the full picture now!

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