A complete solution for your transportation business

EnVue Telematics supports your operation with a leading fleet solution that improves productivity, reduces risk, and complies with regulatory mandates.

Improve Compliance

  • Effortless ELD solutions – Certified in the U.S. and Canada.
  • House of Service – Comprehensive view of driver availability and unassigned logs.
  • DVIR – Detailed inspection reporting and defect checklists.

Reduce Risky Driving

  • Improved safety – A.I.-based video systems.
  • Driver coaching – In-cab alerts and automated workflows.
  • Accident reconstruction – Quickly understand what happened.

Boost Efficiency

  • Real-time visibility – Location, geofences, breadcrumb trails, and engine status.
  • Route optimization – Detailed stops and waypoints for pickup and delivery.
  • Sustainability – Reduce fuel consumption and emissions.

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