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Azuga is a global technology company that offers sophisticated software to track and manage fleets. The company constantly evolves to keep up with the latest innovations in fleet management, asset tracking and dashcams, while also providing expertise in customer service after the sale.

Azuga’s fleet tracking solutions provide strong benefits to fleets and individual drivers, making everyone’s job easier. Customers also know that Azuga backs their products with expert advice on how to make fleets more efficient, profitable and safer.

EnVue Telematics is proud to support Azuga fleet management solutions because of the high-quality of their products, their focus on continuous innovation and their dedication to customer success. 

How Azuga Fleet Management Solutions Benefit Clients

Azuga offers fleet management solutions in a variety of areas, all geared toward using technology to make operations more efficient. They include the following products.

Fleet Tracking

Azuga GPS fleet tracking devices help fleet managers track their company’s vehicles no matter where they are in the world. They also collect data through vehicle diagnostics that can help make maintenance and regulation-required reporting easier to manage. The system collects data for every mile and every driver action and alert, improving driver efficiency and safety. Azuga also prides itself on offering systems that are easy to install and use – no overly complex system that hinder rather than help an operation.

Asset Tracking

Other assets are every bit as valuable as the trucks and cars that make up a fleet. This includes construction equipment, storage containers, generators and other large equipment. Azuga offers devices that are placed on these assets to track location and use. All data gathered from the devices is easily accessed from the Azuga fleet management dashboard. This not only tracks an asset but makes it easier to schedule deliveries and routine maintenance.

Dash Cams

Too many people characterize dash cams as a “big brother” device, but the truth is they provide benefits to the driver. An easy to use, sophisticated dash cam called SafetyCam provides a dual-facing camera that captures both driver behavior and road conditions. That gives drivers a smart detection system that alerts them to potential issues.

Azuga Continues to Evolve

Azuga experts continue to offer advice to clients after they buy equipment, helping to guide them on best practices for getting the most from software tracking and management systems. They also continue to expand their offerings through technology innovations.

In particular, Azuga continues to explore opportunities in video-enabled detection and prevention technology. As these devices become more affordable, systems that use artificial intelligence will become more of a must-have for fleet managers.

Azuga also expects technology to future-proof fleets with the latest safety features that anticipate accidents and track needed maintenance and repairs. They also will allow companies to reward employees for safe driving habits. Azuga has emerged as a global leader in fleet management solutions. With a combination of forward-looking technology and expert service after the sale, Azuga offers answers for fleet managers looking to solve complex fleet management challenges.

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