What is Cloud Based Dispatch Software? | Trucking Dispatch Software

Cloud-based dispatch software offers more flexibility for fleet managers looking to make their operations more efficient. By using the cloud, dispatchers can access the system from anywhere they have an internet connection and have a variety of options at their command to optimize delivery routes, track all drivers and ensure they meet delivery time windows.

The freedom that cloud-based dispatch software offers gives fleet managers the ability to work from remote locations, home or while traveling without having to install additional software. Industry leaders such as Elite EXTRA offer an advanced, cloud-based solution that can optimize fleet operations in a variety of ways.

How Cloud-Based Dispatch Works

Dispatch is at the heart of every fleet operation. Effective and efficient the dispatch systems lead to better overall operations and higher profitability. Cloud-based dispatch software offers the most innovative, data-driven approach possible to the complex challenge of streamlining the trucking dispatch process.

Automated software systems already have helped fleet managers leave behind the time-consuming and labor-intensive traditional processes involved in managing fleet dispatch, such as using whiteboards, email and online calendars. Cloud-based systems take that to a new level.

A cloud-based system allows fleets to store data on remote, third-party services rather than on their own system. All-important data also is safely and securely stored remotely. The system automatically backs up data, alleviating concerns about losing valuable information from a system crash. It also gives fleet managers wide array of options to improve performance.

The Advantages of Cloud-Based Dispatch

A cloud-based trucking dispatch software system gives fleet managers the option of customizing the system to support their workflow requirements. And because dispatchers can access the system from anywhere, they can still do their job in the event of pandemics, natural disasters and power outages. The software offers advantages in the following areas, as well.

Optimized routes. Cloud-based systems allow dispatchers to build routes using an order grid or map view access. The systems automatically find the best routes based on factors such as customer time windows, traffic, proximity and customer preferences.

Auto Route. Dispatchers can select the deliveries needed for a certain day and the number of drivers available and the system will generate suggested optimal routes for every vehicle. It also will find the best driver to complete an order based on their current location.

Delivery time window. Advanced cloud-based systems can schedule each order to ensure that they arrive in the time window promised to customers – a vital component to success for a commercial fleet.

GPS tracking. Dispatchers make better decisions when they know the location of each driver and their current routes. A dispatch software system can accomplish that goal and easily alter routes if needed. In the case of Elite EXTRA, dispatchers can also communicate with drivers at any time using a messaging tool built into the system. A cloud-based dispatch software system has become a must for commercial fleets that want to keep up with the competition. Automated systems are there to support dispatchers and fleet managers, helping them make better, data-driven decisions.

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