What is Commercial Vehicle Video Recording? | Fleet Camera Systems

Commercial vehicle video recording includes cameras that are used to help commercial drivers perform their job safely. Companies such as envue Telematics provide commercial camera systems that ensure the maximum level of safety and security.

These video systems can help enhance visibility for complex maneuvers, keep drivers from becoming distracted and help fleets maintain a great safety record. They have become a key component in successful fleet management operations.

Safety Issues

Systems such as Rosco Vision Systems offered through envue Telematics provide automotive vision safety that helps fleets maintain safety for drivers as well as ensure best practices are being followed.

For example, camera systems operate as a backup camera that can help drivers avoid accidents. Cameras also can play a role in providing views in other directions where drivers of commercial vehicles cannot always see.

In addition, commercial vehicle video recording also can provide support in avoiding driver distraction. They signal drivers when they have become distracted during driving. This reduces risks and prevents accidents. Companies also can get benefits from their great drivers, such as reduced insurance costs as a reward for a safe driving record.

In addition, these systems also can provide a visual record of accidents and provide a way to “watch” an asset even when it is not being operated.

Commercial Vehicle Recording

These cameras monitor how drivers are doing (distracted driver warning can be a part of this). It provides real-time information to fleet managers. Roscoe, for example, offers products that deliver information to fleet managers on a driver’s performance and behavior,

This observation can help drivers develop better driving habits. That, in turn, can lead to more efficiency and higher profits for the company.

Connected Platforms

A system such as SmartWitness is the type of commercial vehicle video recording system that allows for views inside, behind and along the sides of commercial vehicles. This can prove especially beneficial in the case of accidents. 

But these systems also can offer more. In some cases, such as with SmartWitness, data is collected that can help with any number of issues. For example, real-time GPS information provides detail on route, location and vehicle speed. It also can provide analysis of driving patterns or information that is useful to understand what led to any incidents. 

Running a fleet in the 21st century allows managers to use innovative technology to make their operations more efficient and effective. That’s an important factor when you consider the competition in all industries. For fleet managers looking for an edge, putting a quality commercial vehicle video recording system into play can give them what they need to do their jobs even better.

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