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Latin America logistics refers to the resources and solutions needed to run an efficient and effective supply chain in Mexico and across Latin America. It’s critical to success for United States companies looking to expand into Mexico as well as Mexican companies looking for supply chain solutions.

Fortunately, technology has advanced to the point that companies can get the support they need to run successful transportation businesses and supply chains in Mexico and Latin America. Innovative telematics solutions for Latin America logistics, coupled with an understanding of the region and its fleet and customs regulations, can lower risk and improve profits for supply chains.

Opportunities and Challenges in Mexico, Latin America

While Mexico is part of North America, language unites the country with other Latin American countries. It’s a growing market with an expanding population and a focus on modernization. Companies expanding into Mexico and other parts of Latin America face unique challenges and unprecedented opportunities.

The competitiveness, however, is nothing new. Mexican fleet managers already are well aware of this, and U.S. companies seeking to expand into Mexico soon find out. Having telematics solutions can help companies better manage risk, protect valuable assets, optimize routes and other dispatching functions, and coach better drivers.

Mexico Supply Chain Solutions

Companies evaluating the type of telematics tools they need to succeed have many options. They include the following.

GPS Tracking 

The GPS tracking solutions offered today combine ease of use with impressive features. Products such as the Geotab Go offer the ability to track system operations, create custom maps, optimize route selections and coach better driver behavior. GPS tracking systems also collect data from the drivetrain, engine, instrument cluster and other subsystems, given fleet managers a wealth of data from which they can glean insights into operations.

Dash Cameras

Dash cameras provide fleet managers with a real-time view both in-cab and outside of the vehicle. Systems such as Surfsight use artificial intelligence-powered systems to detect bad driving behaviors inside the vehicle and dangerous driving conditions on the road. They also provide video that can prove valuable when assessing who is at fault in accidents. A cloud-based management dashboard gives immediate access to live video, as well as the ability to access historic video and review anything that happened during a trip (accidents, near misses, harsh driving events, etc.). All video is HD (high definition).

Asset Tracking

Some of the most expensive investments for any transportation or supply chain business is in powered and non-powered assets. Telematics systems allow companies to better protect and deploy these assets. Systems such as those from Phillips Connect  track assets with connected devices, allowing managers to see current locations, history of use and condition of mechanical parts. This applies to large construction equipment, construction vehicles, shipping containers, trailers and other valuable equipment. These systems also allow for geofencing, sending an alert when an asset is moved outside of a predesignated area.

Fleet Management Services

Companies who want to expand in Mexico or Latin America also benefit from management platforms that bring all the data they need together in one system. They include telematics solutions such as:

  • Fuel cards
  • Mobile devices
  • Safety devices
  • Risk management software
  • AI-driven driver training systems
  • Compliance systems

The market for Mexico and Latin America logistics is large and growing. By selecting the right systems to support best practices, manage risk and improve driver and vehicle performance, fleets can excel in this growing area of the transportation industry.

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