Expanded Telematics

Each fleet-based business has unique needs and goals, so implementing technology and processes to move the needle takes consideration and customization. There is no universal telematics solution. 

This is why it’s important to consider a telematics partner that has access to an ecosystem of partner solutions – a one-stop shop, if you will, to deal with fleet pain points around vehicle location, maintenance, fuel use, and compliance. 

For many years now, GPS vehicle tracking has been the core offering of most telematics service providers. For other needs, in past years, fleet managers needed to source other single-point solutions such as dash cameras, electronic logging devices, fuel cards, maintenance management platforms, routing, and others. 

But that approach resulted in data silos and other integration challenges, especially with small and mid-market fleet customers. A Pro Research study found that nearly 50% of businesses manage relationships with 10 separate vendors. Nearly 60% said the time spent managing those relationships keeps growing. Having multiple vendors providing products creates a huge headache for companies, as fleet managers must deal with different logins, dashboards, and people. 

This approach is changing, as telematics companies have been doing integration deals that allow a fleet to acquire an “all in one” solution with the needed components. Fleet marketplaces have enabled this trend. 

Why does this make your telematics so powerful? The opportunities to integrate your solutions create beneficial data insights. 

For example, if your products are integrated, you can pinpoint with GPS tracking and dash cams data that drivers tend to speed at certain intersections. You could solve this by rerouting or using geofences for these trouble spots. 

Another connection point would involve identifying drivers that are going to higher-priced gas stations by correlating location-based data with fuel purchases. Perhaps these stations are more convenient or offer meal deals where drivers are buying “smokes and Cokes” on the way to a job. These insights could help you reduce fuel spend, as well as waste or fraud. 

Vendors of fleet management technology use two main methods to achieve data integrations – APIs (Application Programming Interface) and Webhooks. APIs allow third-party data to flow into your telematics dashboard, while Webhooks allow you to push your data into the portals of third-party solutions. Your current TSP may have a limited approach to this, so it’s important to check. 

Besides making managing your fleet more streamlined and efficient, a marketplace makes managing your data easier and eliminates data firehoses. Rather than going to multiple vendors for data, integrating all your solutions in one place allows you to track KPIs. You can see when an issue is emerging, isolate problems, and track areas for improvement month-over-month.  

The Geotab Marketplace is one such marketplace. It offers solutions from Geotab as well as those built by third-party partners. Some examples of these categories include: 

  • Fleet Management: Ensure the maintenance and monitoring of your fleet while optimizing operations and enhancing efficiency. 
  • Cameras & ADAS: Gather valuable on-the-road insights, uphold driver accountability, and safeguard your fleet from liability using video telematics. 
  • Asset & Trailer Tracking: Ensure that fleet assets remain thoroughly monitored and efficiently organized by using trackers powered by solar energy, batteries, and Bluetooth technology. 
  • Compliance: Stay in line with federal regulations by using solutions that help you comply with ELD, HOS, DVIR, and IFTA rules. 

The days of single-point solutions in the commercial telematics industry are coming to a close, as leading companies shift toward offering holistic systems that meet an array of needs to optimize fleet operations and increase safety. 

As an authorized Geotab reseller, EnVue Telematics has access to more than 350 third-party solutions that can be offered to your fleet. Whether you have questions, need a quote, or a free demo of our solutions, we’re here to help! 

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