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EnVue Telematics, a leader in providing fleets connected systems that improve operations, is expanding what it offers clients in a partnership with Smith System. With its E-Learning courses and The Smith5Keys® approach to driver training, Smith System has become a worldwide leader in providing driver training that reduces crashes, lowers costs and keeps fleets compliant with regulations.

Smith System created the first fleet driver safety programs in the country almost 70 years ago. The company has remained an industry leader by evolving with innovations in technology. Today, Smith System makes drivers better at their jobs by integrating safe driver training with telematics, predictive risk analysis and driver scoring metrics.

Smith System provides E-Learning and classroom content in multiple languages, providing training to fleets on every continent and training more than 250,000 drivers annually.

“It’s an honor to work with Smith System, who have long set the standard for providing high-quality driver training that leads to real-world improvements,” said Dan Shive, Director of Client Engagement and Account Management at EnVue Telematics. “Their business has always focused on making drivers better at their jobs and making highways safer, something that also is a main focus for us at EnVue Telematics.”

E-Learning From Smith System

“We are thrilled to partner with EnVue Telematics to offer our E-Learning safety training,” said Chris Pulliam, VP of Business Development & Customer Support at Smith System. “Through this partnership, we look forward to expanding on our mission to make roads safer and, most importantly, save lives.”

Fleets now can teach their drivers the Smith System driving methodology by using E-Learning modules that introduce and reinforce the lessons taught in The Smith5Keys®. By delivering the training online, drivers can learn at their own pace. Once learned, the Smith System driving concepts can help drivers reduce the number of crashes and save lives.

The Smith System Core Content, which provides a comprehensive review of The Smith5Keys®, works for drivers of everything from small vehicles to large trucks. The Core Content course is available in 17 languages. Through E-Learning, Smith System also offers the Driving Series that focuses on some of the biggest threats to driver safety, as well as the Arrive Alive Series that focuses on critical driver safety topics.

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