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EnVue Telematics, a consultative resource that helps fleets use advanced technology to reduce risk and boost productivity, now offers products and services from Craig Safety Technology. The innovative tech company works on the cutting edge of technology, providing software systems that makes regulatory compliance, DQ file management and the driver hiring process streamlined and efficient.

Two of the most popular services from Craig Safety Technologies are The Hiring Path® and Driver Qualification (DQ) File Management. The former automates much of the employee onboarding process, while the latter provides fleets with the No. 1 DQ File Management Software available.

Randy Read, co-founder of EnVue Telematics, said the commitment by Craig Safety Technologies to driver safety and using technology to improve fleet performance has made it a leader in the industry.

“We’re proud to offer the products and services of a company that is known across the industry for the high quality of its products and services,” said Read. “The application of technology to solve fleet challenges is where we place our focus, and we’re always searching for companies that do that better than anyone else. Craig Safety Technologies belongs in that category.”

“Choosing the right partner is imperative for success. The right technology, with its consistent processes and systems, will help organizations grow efficiently,” said Brenda Craig, CEO and founder of Craig Safety Technologies. “CST is thrilled to work with EnVue Telematics and their partners to provide the ultimate platform. Together we will assist the logistics and transportation industry reach new and better compliance and technology standards.”

What Craig Safety Technologies Offers Fleets

Craig Safety Technologies created Compliance Safety Manager™ (CSM) and The Hiring Path™ with a vision to offer the perfect system to help manage all of the driver compliance requirements mandated by FMCSA and DOT.

The Hiring Path® allows fleets to no longer deal with multiple third-party vendors when working with driver-related documents or performing background checks. Services provided by the system include:

  • Electronic application. A custom URL to link with an online application that employers can use for receiving employment applications.
  • Pre-Employment Screening Program. FMCSA’s Pre-Employment Screening Program check that provides a driver’s five-year crash history and three-year inspection history.
  • Motor Vehicle Reports. Access to MVR reports from all 50 states.
  • Criminal Background Check. Access to a felony and misdemeanor search of every jurisdiction of residence for an applicant within the last seven years.
  • DOT Employment Verification. Validate past employment, on-the-job accidents, and previous drug and alcohol tests.
  • Drug Screening. Includes specimen collection, testing at SAMHSA-certified laboratory, and review by a qualified Medical Review Officer.

The Driver Qualification (DQ) File Management system handles all required DQ elements. Those include employment applications, MVRs, DOT medical cards, road test certificates, driver’s annual list of violations, supervisor’s review of violations, driver’s licenses, and drug screens.

The software offered by Craig Safety Technologies focuses on streamlining regulatory compliance and driver onboarding processes, as well as helping managers better manage risk and improve fleet safety.

About EnVue Telematics

EnVue Telematics has 20 years experience in providing intelligent technology solutions to the challenges facing commercial fleets. The company partners with leaders in data analytics and offers innovative telematics tools and safety devices that can solve challenges in areas such as asset tracking, safety, compliance and route optimization. The company’s user-friendly solutions combined with powerful data collection and information technology make fleet and asset management simple and more precise than ever before. EnVue Telematics also offers exceptional after-sale customer service to help clients make the most of their telematics purchases.

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